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About IsaMillTM

The IsaMill™ is the most energy efficient, highest intensity large scale grinding machine on the market. This means reduced energy usage, a small footprint (smaller than equivalent ball and tower mills), simple installation and simple maintenance.

The horizontal configuration has enabled rapid scale up to large mills – 3MW and 8MW. For the first time the advantages of inert stirred milling are available to high tonnage, mainstream grinding.

The IsaMill™ reduces the energy cost, media cost and capital cost of grinding. Further, the intense inert attrition frequently improves metallurgical performance compared with conventional steel media. The IsaMill™ produces a steep particle size distribution in open circuit without needing internal screens or closed circuit cyclones. The horizontal plug-flow design prevents short circuiting, and provides for a robust and easy to operate technology. This means simple and easy to operate circuits.

Maintenance is safe, simple and quick – a team of 2 people can complete a disc and liner change in 8 hours.

The IsaMill™ is used extensively in base metals, PGM, Iron Ore, industrial applications and gold processing plants and is the optimum choice for:

  • Regrinding Concentrates
  • Fine-grind and Ultrafine Grinding
  • Mainstream Grinding
The IsaMill™ is currently available in the following models* :
  • M500 (200kW)
  • M1000 (355 or 500kW)
  • M3000 (800-1120kW)
  • M5000 (1120-1500kW)
  • M10000 (3000kW)
  • M50000 (8000kW)
* Smaller models are available