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IsaMillTM uses horizontal milling to secure better efficiency, product size and availability… ask to see it LIVE

IsaMillTM have 127 installations in metalliferous mines. It’s the most successful ultra-fine grinding mill in the world. Now you can see it live, get access to an online calculator and speak to real users to be sure it’ll do what we say it will.

How it works

The IsaMillTM is horizontal so its product discharge is not fighting gravity like a vertical mill can. This means it avoids short circuits and maximises availability. IsaMillTM is the only horizontal fine grinding mill in the world.

It’s safe and easy to maintain. It’s not suspended vertically. You just slide it open.

The IsaMillTM is also light. A low volume of concrete and structural steel are used, and the entire unit sits on a one-storey platform. This means it’s about a third the height and weight of some other grinding mills.

7 times the Power of Ordinary Mills

The IsaMillTM is incredibly efficient and intense. With 8 grinding discs, evenly distributed energy, superior grinding media and a centrifugal grinding flow, it can have 7 times the power of equivalent ball or tower mills.

What’s more, less residence time is required, so there’s less wasteful regrinding and the IsaMillTM is far more energy efficient and cost-effective.

More Consistent Product Size

IsaMillTM creates a more consistent product size because of the staged grinding process and horizontal layout. This means the product is more consistent and doesn’t need re-processing.

Accurate estimates and reliable scale-up

When we model and scale up your IsaMillTM from sample tests, we’ll be able to assure you of product size or energy efficiency written into a performance guarantee. It means you avoid flowsheet disappointments.

127 IsaMills

There are already 127 IsaMillTM installations around the world! …Like Heron Resources in Australia, JSCAK Altymalmas in Kazakhstan, Sumitomo in the United States, Goldcorp in Canada, Hudbay in Peru, GPM in Armenia, Anglo Platinum in South Africa, Somincor in Portugal, Minera Penasquito in Mexico and lots more, in 21 countries…

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