IsaMill Compendium of Papers25/01/202150.9 MB
New IsaMill Format and New M750031/01/20200.5 MB
Red Dog Chooses IsaMill™ Horizontal Milling for Mill Upgrade Project08/03/20180.4 MB
IsaMill Selected for Kazakhstan Gold Mine06/07/20170.1 MB
Fragmentation - IsaMill (extract from Energie Wallonie, Publication 19 - French)25/05/20170.5 MB
Development of the IsaMill - Mine to Market (Mount Isa Mines)02/05/20170.6 MB
Visions of the Future Concentrator - JK Tech Presentation at GT Breakfast20/04/20172.6 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - December 201614/12/20161.6 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - November 201614/11/20160.6 MB
New Mill Eliminates Stack Emissions at KCGM01/11/20161.2 MB
The IsaMill - A Great Australian Mining Innovation - Past, Present, Future01/11/20161.6 MB
Glencore Technology August Newsletter - Rus02/09/20160.3 MB
Glencore Technology August Newsletter19/08/20160.2 MB
Politechnika Wroclawska - Wydzial Geoinzynierii, Gornictwa i Geologii, Rok Akademicki 2015-2016 (IsaMill excerpt - Polish)22/07/20162.0 MB
Politechnika Wroclawska - Wydzial Geoinzynierii, Gornictwa i Geologii, Rok Akademicki 2015-2016 (IsaMill excerpt)22/07/20162.0 MB
Your Partner for Tough Times13/07/20161.2 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - December 201524/12/20150.8 MB
The Daily Grind - Mining Magazine (selected extract)21/12/20150.1 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - September 201502/10/20150.3 MB
Glencore Technology Overview - Business Review Australia and Mining Global27/08/20152.1 MB
Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo LLC IsaMill Announcement27/08/20150.1 MB
Kalgoorlie's Greatest Assest - role of IsaMill Technology at KCGM13/08/20154.9 MB
KCGM Opens New Mill - Mining News June 201513/08/20151.3 MB
XT Update - Challenging Times or the Age of Innovation?22/05/20142.1 MB
XT Opens New Office in Moscow20/01/20140.0 MB
XT-Netzsch IsaMill Development Partnership Continuation24/11/20130.0 MB
Vietnam Association for Mineral Processing - Máy nghiền mịn Isamill14/11/20130.3 MB
Pioneering Technology - Mine to Market18/10/20131.0 MB
Innovation Magazine Jul-Aug 2013 - IsaMills in the Americas12/08/20131.2 MB
Tecnologia Efficiente para el Procesamiento de Minerales en Latinoamerica (Efficient Technology for Mineral Processing in Latin America) - Mineria Chilena - Abril 201317/06/20131.8 MB
Solving the Cost Efficiency Riddle20/05/20132.5 MB
Xstrata Technology Update - April, 2013 - Our First Quarter Century22/04/20131.2 MB
IsaMills Selected for Kazakhstan Projects (Asia Miner, Vol 10, Issue 2)25/03/20131.1 MB
Comminution Advances (excerpt from International Mining, Feb 2013 edition)18/03/20131.2 MB
IsaMills selected for Kazakhmys Bozshakol and Aktogay Projects in Kazakhstan08/02/20130.1 MB
IsaMills Selected for McArthur River Mine Expansion12/11/20120.1 MB
Xstrata Technology - A Slow Grind28/09/20120.9 MB
Verbesserte Ausbeute - Improved Yields (AT Mineral Processing Jul/Aug 2012 - German and English)03/09/20122.9 MB
Albion Process Plant for Armenian Mine09/08/20121.5 MB
Performance Assessment of River Sand Versus Ceramic Grinding Media on the Fimiston Ultra-Fine Grinding Application (AuSIMM Bulletin - August 2012)03/08/20122.6 MB
TWP Sudamerica y Xstrata Technology presentan IsaMill (Spanish and English)02/08/20120.9 MB
In Search of Efficiency (Story from CSIRO Resourceful Magazine)20/07/20120.3 MB
J.P.Morgan Cazenova Report - Lonmin Update (IsaMill commissioned in UFG duty, pg 2)05/07/20122.7 MB
Second IsaMill at Phu Kham - PanAust Press Release (May)07/06/20120.5 MB
Xstrata Technology Update - April 2012 - Building Plants that Work27/04/20122.9 MB
Dust to Dust  (excerpt from Comminution article in International Mining, March 2012)30/03/20121.2 MB
IsaMills in PGM Concentrate Regrinding - Excerpt from Anglo Americam Platinum Annual Report 201109/03/20120.5 MB
Viet Nam Association for Mineral Processing - IsaMill for Fine Grinding (Vietnamese)22/02/20120.3 MB
Red Dog Mill Improvement Plan - excerpt from Teck Investor Day Presentation, "Zinc Business Unit Update", Nov 201127/01/20120.4 MB
Xstrata Technology's 100th IsaMill16/12/20110.0 MB
Miheevskoe Copper Project (Russian and English)16/12/20110.3 MB
Boosting Nickel Recovery for Vale's Clarabelle Mill in Sudbury05/12/20110.1 MB
Actualización sobre el Procesamiento de Minerales en Latinoamérica - Update on Mineral Processing in South America - Xstrata Technology (English version included)13/10/20111.1 MB
World Copper29/08/20111.9 MB
IsaMills Roll into New Grinding Applications18/07/20112.2 MB
Perfecting the Grind15/06/20111.5 MB
IsaMills Roll into New Ore Grinding Applications06/04/20111.4 MB
Xstrata Technology Update - March 2011 - Step Changes or Hard Yards?22/03/20111.0 MB
Xstrata Technology's Mineral Processing Business Expands into Europe with New London Base18/03/20110.0 MB
Stirred Milling - New Comminution Technology in the PGM Industry (SAIMM)17/03/20112.6 MB
Impact of IsaMills on PGM Operations – excerpt from Anglo Platinum 2010 Annual Report23/02/20110.5 MB
More IsaMills for South America - Las Bambas Copper Project11/02/20110.0 MB
IsaMills move into South America (Chinese)16/12/20101.7 MB
Comminution - International Mining29/10/20100.3 MB
First IsaMill for Souh America - Antapaccay Copper Project08/09/20100.0 MB
IsaMills to Process Magnetite08/09/20100.0 MB
IsaMill : Mount Isa's Fine Grinding Legacy31/08/20101.6 MB
M4 IsaMill Commissioning27/08/20100.0 MB
Benefits of IsaMills treating PGM's except from Anglo Platinum presentation03/08/20101.5 MB
IsaMill and Jameson Cell Technology at Phu Kam02/08/20101.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 2010 - Spanish07/07/20101.0 MB
IsaMill into Iberia15/05/20100.9 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March10/04/20101.0 MB
Recovering Caustic and Aluminia from Red Mud with IsaMills10/03/20100.1 MB
Simple Refractory Leaching Technology01/02/20101.6 MB
IsaMill for Small scale Operations09/09/20090.6 MB
Aus IMM Awards - A Celebration of Excellence18/08/20090.5 MB
IsaMill Circuit in Operation at Phu Kham15/07/20090.9 MB
Getting it Down to a Fine Grind23/06/20091.1 MB
RBC Capital markets - Prominent Hill Visit22/06/20090.6 MB
Cosmos Receives a New Nickel Circuit18/06/20090.9 MB
Not Just Froth and Bubble26/05/20090.7 MB
Xstrata - Selling Formulae for Efficiency01/05/20092.8 MB
Optimizacion do Molinos - Milenda Gruesa de Falmouth20/04/20096.6 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 2009 - SPANISH10/04/20092.8 MB
Refractory Gold: Opportunity or Problem26/03/20090.3 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 200923/03/20091.0 MB
AusIMM Award: MIOTA to Bill Johnson and Peter Woodall (IsaMill Development)02/03/20090.1 MB
IsaMills in PGM Circuits - Except from 2009 Anglo Platinum Report16/02/20091.1 MB
Refractory Leaching Solutions16/02/20090.6 MB
Xstrata Technology and the IsaMill Success Story29/01/20091.3 MB
Xstrata Technology With Australian Export Award15/12/20080.0 MB
Proveedores De La Mineria - Chile29/10/20081.2 MB
Xstrata Technology Wins Queensland Exporter of the Year Award21/10/20080.0 MB
Red Dog to Install IsaMills14/10/20080.0 MB
Mill Optimization: Course Grind From Falmouth13/10/20082.3 MB
Beating the Odds30/09/20080.9 MB
Penasquito - Mexico's Titan25/09/20083.7 MB
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with the IsaMilll11/06/20080.2 MB
IsaMill Ramps Up Production05/06/20080.7 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 2008  - SPANISH30/04/20080.7 MB
Xstratra Technology  Newsletter - March 200814/03/20081.1 MB
A More Effecient Daily Grind11/02/20080.1 MB
Concentrating Minerals and Improving Energy Efficiency - A New Approach30/11/20071.2 MB
The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2007 - Winner - Large Advanced Manufacturer Award27/10/20070.4 MB
IsaMill Officers an Alternative to Ball Milling at Anglo Platinum27/09/20070.0 MB
An Easier Way Through The Daily Grind05/05/20070.9 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 200701/03/20072.1 MB
IsaMill on Target for 50MW Installed Power01/01/20071.9 MB
IsaMill Engineers: We need Engineers to change the world....21/12/20060.0 MB
Winners of the 2006 Austrailia - Latin America Awards16/10/20060.1 MB
Phelps Dodge chooses IsaMill for Morenci Leach Project12/10/20050.0 MB
Xstrata Technology's IsaMill selected for Kumtor Gold Project in the Kyrgyz Republic16/05/20050.0 MB
Coal Base-Load Power12/09/20010.3 MB